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Crucial Things You Learn During Women’s Self Defense Courses

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Analyzing thousands of crimes, comprehensive literature review and conversations with predators to determine the “what, how, and why” of important crime prevention and self-defense skills. This information help women’s effectively recognize criminal tactics and the realistic experience so if it becomes necessary they have the self-defense skills to successfully fight back.

In training course blends knowledge about predator typologies into fighting strategies and tactics that include vocalization, assertiveness, boundary setting, verbal discussion and identification of predators’ weaknesses.

In women safety training courses they provide you practical full force scenarios that allow self-defense students to practice their self-defense skills with full force against our trained padded attacker. Students commonly comment what a difference it makes when hitting an attacker with full power.

Female instructors model strength and courage. She guides women to be successful throughout personalized scenarios. During training, they show you how to leverage their own weakness and strengths, physical skills during adrenalized full-force rape defense situations. From this unique form of education, trainees learn to apply all of their senses and self-defense training, results in long-lasting heightened self-confidence and the capability to select positive options.

women safety training

Crucial Things You Learn During Women’s Safety Training Courses

During training, you should learn about safety which includes learning awareness strategies, the behavioural patterns of criminals, situational recognition, personal behavioural assessment, methods to identify criminal vulnerability, types of violence, and the criminal’s mindset, while physically learning simple counter measures against how predators generally attack women.

As students practice verbal de-escalation and negotiation, boundary setting, and refine their physical self-defense skills against our Padded Attacker, students continue to develop assertiveness under stressful conditions. The foundation of performing physical skills is established in preparation for locking the skills into muscle memory.

1. Full Force Scenarios against Padded Attacker
2. Mindset for Fighting Back
3. Crime Prevention Pyramid
4. How Crime Is an Emotional and Physical Problem
5. Criminal Mindset
6. Origins of Predator Motivations
7. Boundary Setting and Conflict De-escalation

In women safety training they also trains you and focuses on the dynamics of sex crimes and the motive behind predators’ behavioral patterns. Women use their acquired knowledge about predator typologies to assess our Padded Attacker weakness and strengths.

As part of viable options during the attack, students leverage intense emotions, such as fear. With natural, automatic expression of mind, body and spirit, they develop the ability to choose the most effective self-defense response during potentially violent real life situations.

The impact of self-defense training skills become a reflexive part of each life.

1. Dynamics of Sex Crimes
2. Rapist Typologies
3. Drug Facilitated Sexual Assaults
4. Four Phases of Assault
5. Options When Confronted by attacker Who May Be Experiences and Strangers
6. Legalities of Defending Yourself
7. Full Force Scenarios against Padded Attacker When Attacked Lying Down
8. Physical Skills When Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation Do Not Work
9. Full Force Scenarios against Padded Attacker (Attacking from the Front)

Training Outcomes

1. The achieved goal is student psychological preparation to reduce inhibitions that improve the fighting spirit.
2. Explore shown successful options to resolve fears about being attacked in a street crime, and crime committed within relationships.
3. Find empowerment through progressive teaching strategies, which naturally develop effective, free flow fighting skills that become embedded into your body’s long-term muscle memory.
4. Learn to leverage options not previously known.
5. Learn how to convert fear into a powerful life tool.
6. Walk away with the skills, confidently, and practical experience of full force training against an attacker.
7. Learn how to transform your fear into strength.

8. Turn fear into empowerment.

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