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10 Crucial Duties you Learn in Security Guard Training

Police officers and other law enforcement agents are trained to intervene or respond when crime and violence happens. Security Guards adopt for the preventive approach.
Security guards prevent risks and stop crime, watch out for rising danger, and report any crime.  All the duties performed by a security guard are trained at this objective of preventing crime.

Top 10 Crucial Duties you learn in Security Guard Training

1.  To be clearly visible

One of the duties of a security guard is to make his or herself clearly visible, as this would deter criminals.

Most shoplifters, burglars, muggers, and other criminals would think twice if they see a security guard is on duty.

So, being visible is the ways by which a security guard hinders theft, personal injury, damage, and other dastardly acts.

2. To respond quickly and correctly during crisis

Security guard acts fast to control the situation. So, a security guard must always be at alert to avoid being caught unawares.

How a security guard responds to crisis changes depending on the threat.

A security guard must know how best to respond to various dangerous situations.

3. To be alert

A Security Guard marks out for any strange thing that harm. He must have very keen senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

He should be able to detect the strange sounds, such as when someone is secretly trying to open a door.

He should be able to understand it when someone is deftly trying to divert his attention off his duty.

He should able to interpret quickly whatever he notices.

So based on these responsibilities, someone who is short-sighted or long-sighted won’t make a good security guard.

4. Observing and reporting

After a dangerous situation has been successfully prevented, a security guard must not relax.

He should keep observing till he feels that there are no more problems.

After a trial, a security guard should report the incident to his administrator, the police or the appropriate authorities.

5. Checking and monitoring

A security guard required to maintain certain rules and policies as laid down by his employer.

Individuals require that visitors be searched before granted entry or that only visitors for which an authorization has been earlier fixed should be granted entry.

Similarly, organisations may require their employees to show their ID cards before granted entry into the work bases.

In cases, a security guard must check and assure that all the rules.

6. Give safety warnings and tips

The security guard gives tips and Suggestion to his people on how to prevent security-threatening situations.

He should also explain the likely consequences of ignoring these tips, as a way of convincing his employers to adhere to his advice.

A security guard should do his best to ensure that all the safety precautions.

Security additional responsibilities, such as receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital errands for their employer. If you are planning to take up a part-time or full-time security guard job, then keep in mind that you will be required to perform all these duties. In Security Guards training you can learn more about how to behave, react, understand the situation.

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